Felix Cup

Felix Cup is an international UW-Rugby tournament, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in December. Each year several of the best UW-Rugby teams, both men and women, participate.

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Entry information

Felix Cup 2023 takes place on the 9:th of December

Last day for entry:    November 19th 2023

Fill in the form and pay the fee

Application fee    2 000 SEK per team,

Pay to


Plusgiro: 626 74-7 (Felix DF).

Bankgiro: 5855-6986 (Felix DF).


IBAN: SE04 9500 0099 6042 0062 6747

BIC-code (SWIFT-adress): NDEASESS

Cancellation of the cup

By the 31st of October four teams must be registered in a group (ladies, men/mix) or that group will be cancelled. Six teams in total must have signed up in one of the groups or the cup will be cancelled. The teams already registered will get a full refund of the fee.

If the ladies cup is cancelled the ladies teams already signed up have the option to play in the men/mixed group but will, if they do not want to do this, receive a full refund.


The 41:st Felix Cup is played in Gothenburg, Sweden at Valhallabadet on address:

Pool dimensions: 16 x 10 x 4.8 m

Pool temperature: approx. 27degrees Celsius.


CMAS International rules is used with the following exceptions:

Game time ineffective time, usually 11 minutes but depends on playing schedule.

Penalty time is 1 minute ineffective time, starting when the ball is put to play again.

Penalty throws is 30s max.

You are not allowed to take "Time Out" due to the tight schedule.

You are not allowed to replace players in the 12 man squad during each game

A game starts every 12:th minute (assuming a playing time of 11 minutes, which is subject to change depending on the amount of teams signed up), so we kindly ask every team to be prepared since we have virtually no extra time.

Due to tight schedule, protests are not allowed.

Exceptions from rule 4.3.5.b penalties:

* No break before penalties

* Blue team always start the penalty throws

* No list of ranked players should be supplied by the teams, but otherwise the same rule - the same player cannot be used twice, unless all players have defended and attacked.

A player can participate in one team in each tournament (mixed and ladies) but cannot participate in two mixed or two ladies teams.

Game schedule

The game schedule is emailed to all participating teams and will also be uploaded here when done. NOTE that the first game WILL start at 7.30AM, with access to the pool at 7, so an arrival to Gothenburg on Friday the 8:th will be almost neccessary.


If you can bring a non playing referee your team will receive a 500SEK discount on the fee. Non playing referees also do not have to pay for the party. This needs to be communicated to Felix DF 20th of November the latest.

Other Info

Traveling to Valhalla is easy with bus or tram, nearest stops are "Scandinavium" and "Korsvägen", the timetable is found at Västtrafik

Food is sold in the swimming hall in a small cafeteria. There are also plenty of restaurants, fast and non fast food in the area.

Here are some links to cheap accommodation with fairly good reviews on Tripadvisor:

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Göteborgs vandrarhem - in english

Kvibergs vandrarhem och stugby - in english

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